Sublimation is a method of printing which uses heat-sensitive inks. The artwork is printed onto specialist paper, upon which the garment is placed. These are run through the printer together, and heat is used to turn the ink on the paper into gas, which stains the artwork into the very fabric of the garment.



  • Cost effective for medium to very large quantity runs.: 200-50,000
  • Very long lasting embellishment method. As the ink becomes part of the material’s structure, the printed images don’t crack or fade, even after multiple washes.
  • This printing method is unique in that it can be used on difficult materials such as towels, and even across seams, and directly up to the edges of garments.
  • Sublimation provides a top quality finish, with great vibrancy of colour.
  • Full colour artwork can be used to great effect.
  • Produces block colours exceptionally well. This is particularly useful in terms of compensating for the fact that only white garments can be printed using this method (due to the inks not being opaque). Effectively, an entire garment can be made to look as if it is primarily any colour you wish.


  • Comes at a higher cost than other embellishment methods.
  • Longer production times than other print methods.
  • Artwork is subject to setting up requirements such as bleed areas.
  • A wrinkle in a garment can cause problems during production.
  • Long stripes and borders are not advised, as garments can shift slightly while being printed, so features like this can become crooked or unevenly spaced.
  • While sleeves can be printed on in terms of being part of the overall front or back of a garment, it is not possible to print a small image exclusively onto the side-on part of a sleeve using this method.


Sublimation provides a brilliant way of printing full colour artwork across the entire front and back of a t-shirt. The print has as a very soft feel while also providing bright, vibrant colours and sharp edges.
Full towels can be printed with sublimation offering many promotional uses. Large block colours work particularly well, but complex imagery can also can be printed successfully.


  • Either vectored artwork (with all text outlined) or non-vectored, high-resolution artwork can be used for this method of printing. For an explanation of what is meant by vectored artwork, please click HERE
  • Non-vectored artwork should be saved at the required print size or larger.
  • Any linked images should be embedded into your artwork.
  • To guarantee legibility, the smallest letter in any text must be a minimum of 10mm high
  • Artwork must include a Bleed area of 20mm from each edge
  • Any important text or details must be within 50mm of the edge (not counting the bleed).