Alongside the wide variety of printing and embroidery choices offered by Direct Textiles, we can also provide a range of additional services to ensure your experience is as straightforward and convenient as possible. In one simple process, your order can to be fully completed and made ready for it’s eventual destination – whether it involves the packaging of garments for events at multiple locations, or tagging and labelling clothing for retail. Take advantage of our comprehensive service and complete your every aspect of your order in one transaction, to your exact specifications and at a competitive price.

Your swing tags can be added to your garments after they have been printed or embroidered, to display information, add branding and give a fully-finished feel. Just send us your swing tags and we will offer a competitive price to add these to your garments using either kimbling or tie-locked string.
Our Labelling Team can sew your woven labels into your garments, and remove any unwanted labels to make way for the new ones (or even for inside-neck printing). We can also source labels for you through our partners, making the process hassle-free.
Our state-of-the-art automated folding & packing machine can quickly and efficiently pack your garments into sealed cellophane sleeves, ready for retail. This is a very cost effective way to achieve a professional finish and provide protection.
We offer many different delivery options to suit your needs. Our network can deliver all over the country as well as abroad. In addition garments can be delivered the same day, at specific times or through the post. Speak to our Sales Team for options.